Are prints included in the package price?

Prints are additional to any package unless the package states printing is included. Costs for printing can be found on our investment link at the top.

Do we receive digital copies of all the images from our event?

Yes. We create a personalized online gallery where you can download a free IOS/Android app to view, download, and print any of the images from your event. You can view online with a computer as well without using the app. All images are backed up for 10 years. If your wedding photographer doesn’t have this type of protection for your precious memories, get the high resolution images from them and we’ll store them for you at NO additional charge with your photo booth images. Being in the wedding industry for over 15 years, we know accidents can happen and losing something that can’t be re-created would be devastating.

Do you really have a handlebar mustache?

Yes….yes i do. I normally have it styled like a Salvador Dali but i can curl it into a handlebar.

How does your photo booth work?

When you enter the booth, the on-screen instructions prompt you to click start. Depending on the layout of your template, you have the choice of 1-4 photos that snap with 5 seconds of change time in between. Change time is the part where you have a complete anxiety attack trying to figure out your next costume, prop, wig, or hat….this is the fun part, trust me! ¬†If you’ve allowed SMS for the booth, guests type their phone number quickly on the screen and they receive a link to the image within seconds. If Facebook or Twitter is turned on, the images will be posted immediately up to them. SMS, Facebook, and Twitter integration¬†all require a wireless network connection. Please make sure with your vendor you have access to their wi-fi, so we can use it for your booth. Please try and get this taken care of well in advance, so your booth is not left queueing images till the next day when I have to post everything manually, the experience will be completely different. If wi-fi is not available, we have a mi-fi portable hot spot available at an additional charge. Guests are allowed to use the photo booth as many times as they would like during your rental period.

What are the dimensions of your photo booth?

We have several booths in different sizes. Generally we say a 10×10 area with a 6 foot skirted table next to is sufficient. Our large inflatable cube booth requires about a 12×12 with a 6 foot skirted table to fit at your event.

What is idle time?

Idle time is when we have our booth completely set up but not available for use. There are two normal occasions when our clients use idle time. For example, if you book a 3 hour package from 6pm to 9 pm but you prefer the booth to be set up by 4pm before your guests arrive, the time from 4pm to 6pm is idle time. Secondly, you can put the booth on idle time during your dinner service (or any time that guests are less likely to use it like the first dances at a wedding) and then restart the service later in the evening to maximize usage of the booth. We charge $35 per hour fee for idle time to cover the cost of paying our attendant to extend their day.

What is required in order to reserve your photo booth for our event?

We require a $100 retainer fee (unless otherwise noted from a current special) and a signed contract in order to reserve our booth. The remaining balance is due 4 weeks before your event. All events are booked on a first-come first-served basis and dates cannot be held without a retainer fee and signed contract.

What type of camera do you use?

Canon 7D